Wednesday, March 23, 2011

We are basically from India completely Indian: Teaching given by father

Today if someone ask me “Basically from where you are” and my answer remain “I am from India completely Indian”

It’s not the same answer that I used to give before 8 years. At that time I used to say “I am from this State and this region” but one fine day someone asked me this question in a function and on my answer I got one slap on my back head (filled with lot of love) from my dad and a teaching that neither I can forget nor I want to forget.

Dad heard my answer and said “son we are not from any particular state but we are from this country, we are completely Indian”.

With these wording of my father many people who were there had a question mark on their faces and I kept waiting for more explanation from my father.

Now I am trying to write what dad said that time as he said.

Father said “we are not of a particular state or region but the entire nation is ours and we are part of nation. When mom became pregnant for me my mom-dad was in Maharashtra, I was born in Uttar Pradesh and the first food that I ate was earned in Maharashtra.  Whatever amount of literacy that I have I learnt it in Bihar, the girl with whom I married spent her half-life in Gujarat, when I left my home for the first time, I went to Punjab and I learnt first lesson of earning in my life. After that I worked for some time in Delhi, Mumbai, Gujarat and Rajasthan and I got my permanent job in Madhya Pradesh. The guy who gave me my job was a south Indian. Presently my home is In Madhya Pradesh my kids are born and brought up here and no one can say anything about their destiny then how we can be just from any particular state. For me entire nation is mine and I am of this nation and now one has any right who can deny me on this point. If I am a part of this nation how my kids can be different than me.

Few of well-educated people who were seating there opposed my dad and even insulted him with wordings like illiterate but my father was confident on his thoughts and he always taught us that “we are from country not from any particular state”.

Few of those we educated people suggested my father to love his root and soil and response of my father was “soil of this entire nation is mine only then why I should say any particular places soil is mine. Today you are asking me to say I should give more value to my state over nation, then in my district people will say I should give more value to my district over the state, my fellow villagers will ask me to give more value to village over district and inside the village particular colony will expect more value over village. If I follow your guidance than I will have to give more value to smaller places over each bigger place to show love of my soil, I can’t do that because soil of entire nation is mine and all these places are included in nation.

Few so called well educated and very intelligent people also gave a taunt on dad “an illiterate think he is superior to others” but I love my dad and his teaching.

 He taught me to be an Indian and unity.

Generally on my blog I say please give your opinion but if your thinking is different than my dad please keep it with you and don’t give your comments on this post.


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